Join the Newfound lake Region Association!

Background_FPThe Newfound lake Region Association was founded in 1971 by inspired men and women dedicated to preserving the beauty and values of Newfound lake. Over the years, new members joined and contributed significantly to keep the organization alive and well. As a result of the labors of our founders and supporters we are here in 2007, able to advance the protection of Newfound lake and its watershed.

The continued success of our organization comes from the support of our members – the greatest resource we have! Currently, there are roughly 425 household and business members. Our 2006 income was 89% member donations, with the remainder coming from grants, events and earned income.

Each year we conduct fundraising drives in the spring (Membership) and fall (Annual Fund). Donations from these efforts are used for operations – the daily expenses for staff that run our programs, office rent and supplies, boat expenses related to our Floating Classroom and water monitoring programs, professional fees and insurance and various other costs related to doing business.

We will continue to work hard to expand membership, pursue grant and foundation funding and seek viable opportunities to increase our endowment income. Creating opportunities to match directed giving to specific programs and projects is also part of our strategy towards organizational sustainability. We are always looking for compassionate and committed individuals to work on our various committees and in leadership roles to ensure the long-term health of the organization.

Please consider supporting the Newfound lake Region Association with your time, talent and treasure! We hope to hear from you if you have any questions about this message, and if you are interested in other forms of sustainable donations to the Newfound lake Region Association or serving as a volunteer. Thank you for your support!