Breast Reduction for Men

Sadly for many men whose lives have seen too much fatty food and little exercise the growth of fatty tissue on the chest is more than just embarrassment. They lose all social confidence and for some make job choices where they can be solitary and away from the abuse of co-workers.

The surgery itself can be expensive and recovery painful but so can the symptoms associated with male breasts or lake as it is more technically referred to.

True lake is an enlargement of glandular tissue in and around the nipple area and the most popular form of breast reduction for men, liposuction, won’t be appropriate in these cases.

Breast reduction for men has traditionally been performed by a surgical process called mammoplasty. This procedure usually involves cutting a flap of the stretched chest skin out and lifting the nipple and loose skin upwards to form a tighter looking breast. This operation has a risk of complication and may involve several hours under a general anaesthetic which is not advisable for those who have associated heart conditions.

Complications related to mammoplasty maybe unsightly scars, less sensation in the nipple, amongst others. Recovery from this procedure will be slow compared with the more popular option of Tumescent Liposuction.

There is little scarring with liposuction and the pre-operative treatment with anti-biotic and fluid to soften the fat will make removal faster as well. This means less bruising and swelling, less chance of infection and a quicker recovery time.

It is true to say that cosmetic surgery is not without some pain and the end result will not always be perfect which Dr. James Hopkins talks about in his gynexin review.

Guarantees of an exact rippling chest cannot be given so be aware of anyone suggesting otherwise.

In this article I have outlined some of the surgical options for breast reduction for males. There are however many other steps including exercise and diet as well as some topical hormone therapies that may give you the appearance you want before going to this end.

The main consideration is why the breasts have become so enlarged in the first place. Consultation with a medical specialist before surgery may reveal the existence of hard tissue growth around the nipple area which cannot be removed by liposuction. In young males this can come about with natural hormone imbalance so a hormone treatment may halt this growth and even reduce it to the point where it is not noticeable.

If you have large breasts from a diet of excess fat and sugars then this may show up as high cholesterol as well. This can lead to higher risk of heart disease so a diet plan with a complementary exercise program might be the best way to breast reduction for men in these cases.

This will mean a slower but effective path towards a new fitter you and a ripped chest into the bargain. It may also save you a lot of money and give you a pattern for the rest of your life that will ensure the condition won’t arise again.

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