The Best Diet for Getting Rid of Man Boobs

If you are one of those who have the condition known as lake, or man boobs as it is more widely called, then you probably believe that it is linked exclusively to your diet.

Well this is not completely true because if there are hard lumps like marbles in your upper chest around the nipple area there is no man boobs diet that will make a lot of difference.

The choices in that situation are medication to reduce the swellings to the stage where they are almost unnoticeable or ultimately surgery to remove them.

For the rest who are not keen on surgery or hormone therapy then a diet will assist in nearly all cases. A man boob’s diet should also be complemented with a chest exercise program as well because the remaining stretched tissue in the breast area will need firming up during a diet regime.

Many of those who suffer the embarrassment of woman like breasts have already tried exercise on its own but failure was almost certainly guaranteed. Most regular exercise is not targeted for treatment of this condition and can in fact make it worse by focusing on the chest to extremes that enlarge the appearance of the torso in relation to the rest of the body.

Without resorting to these programs or perhaps to just understand what makes them work it is the intention in this article to outline some specific problem areas in an ordinary diet that may cause man boobs.

You should cut out estrogen rich foods that include things such as soymilk and related products. The naturally occurring female hormone in these foods is a big promoter of man boobs and so is a high intake of alcohol, particularly beer.

The last mentioned inhibits the body’s metabolism to burn fat and at the same time is high in carbohydrates which promote the hormone insulin. Insulin encourages the body to store fat rather than burn it and so exercise may just be wasted effort.

Alcohol consumption also halts the production of the male hormone testosterone which can counteract estrogen levels in the body. Did I say that a man boobs diet would be easy?

Foods including, eggs, fish, nuts, lean meats, lentils, chickpeas, wholegrain breads, salad, most fruit and vegetables will provide you with plenty of nutritional benefit as well as reduced risks of heart disease.

The skill is to keep the body’s hormones in balance in a man boobs diet so include eggs, bananas and avocados and asparagus which is an excellent source of Vitamin E which also stimulates testosterone production.

These are just a few tips that may help you avoid surgery or having this embarrassing condition for ever, but don’t be afraid to consult a medical specialist if the condition persists or you have some evidence of tissue hardness in the chest area.

Be safe and take care of that body.

Note: To get maximum results your man boobs diet should be a part of your regular lifestyle and fitness regime.

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