Your Support Provides

Through education and collaboration, the NLRA facilitates programs for the long-term protection of the Newfound lake Region. We have a 36-year history of outreach and public service that includes:

Water Monitoring:

  • lake Hosts – Provide courtesy inspections and outreach to prevent invasive plant species (e.g., milfoil) from entering the lake. Our volunteers made one milfoil “save” in 2007 and six in 2006.
  • Weed Watchers – Monitor native and non-native plant species to track near-shore lake health.
  • lake Monitors – In partnership with the University of New Hampshire, 2007 was our 22d consecutive year of deep lake water quality monitoring.
  • Tributary Monitors – Six teams of NLRA volunteers have monitored 24 stream locations in 19 tributaries for the past 12 months with UNH guidance;

Education. Scientific on-site training of local students, campers and the general public using skilled teachers and the NLRA pontoon boat. Classroom and field instruction by NLRA staff;

Public Events. The Naturally Newfound Fair, the Hebron Fair, Bridgewater Old Home Day, the Newfound Rendezvous, the August BBQ and Blues Auction, informal social gatherings and various other events increase our recognition as the leader on lake and watershed issues;

Public Meetings and Networking. Presentations covered topics such as land conservation, lake level management, timber harvesting and gravel mining, and local wildlife and habitat. We continue to work with town boards, nonprofits and other like-minded organizations to develop strategic partnerships; and

Communications. Inform our members and the general public of upcoming events and opportunities through our newsletter, web site and mailings, and regional media.